Fee-Only Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management

We’ve been managing the financial lives of individuals and families for many years. Our firm covers the broad spectrum of investment management, retirement planning, tax strategies and estate planning. Our goal is to help grow your wealth and peace of mind.


We currently have a staff of nine – larger than most firms, yet small enough to give you very personalized advice and service.


Below are seven videos created to explain our services, investment philosophy, fees and more. We have also included some general information to help educate our visitors about the financial industry. Simply click on the image to play the video or on the description to read more about the subject.



Introduction to Petrovic Weaver

Meet Alex and Sandi to learn about our credentials, what fee-only and fiduciary means to us, who we serve and reasons why folks choose to work with us.

Our Approach to Wealth Management

Learn how we use a team approach in managing your investments, the myriad of account types we handle for you, and in analyzing your retirement projections, tax strategies and more.



Our Investment Philosophy

Learn how we work with you to assess the amount of investment risk you should take, how our Investment Committee uses a team approach, how your tax situation can impact your portfolio, and the investment reports we generate for you.

Our Services

We thoroughly explain our three levels of service: Investment Management, Retirement Planning, and Comprehensive Financial Planning, as well as who you will work with and how often we’ll meet.



Fees and Expenses

Learn about the typical three expenses investors pay, how Petrovic Weaver is compensated and the reports we provide to offer transparency.

What to Expect When You Contact Us

Our aim is to give you a clear picture of what our introductory meeting process is like, what documents to bring, and how we can address your particular situation.



Our Relationship with Raymond James

Raymond James is a financial services firm founded in 1962 and headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida. Raymond James serves two primary roles: as a custodian of your accounts and as an excellent resource for us.

Our Awards

Expertise.com has named Petrovic Weaver Financial Services among the “18 Best Kansas City Financial Advisors” for 2018.

Alex Petrovic Awarded 2018 “Five Star Wealth Manager” for Third Consecutive Year

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