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Smart Money Experts on Stretching Your Retirement Savings

Even if you enjoy your career, you likely plan on permanently leaving the workforce at some point. With longer life expectancy rates, and shrinking stability in government pension programs, hopeful retirees are right to be concerned about the financial viability of doing so.

KCUR Radio Broadcast aired on February 17, 2017 featuring Sandi Weaver

Contemplating a Gift to Charity? Be smart about it!

We’re nearing the season to give to our favorite charities. Be smart about it! You can do better than just writing a check. Here’s a sampling of strategies to use.

Do you drop twenty dollar bills in the red Salvation Army bucket? Or nod “yes” when the grocer asks if you want to donate to the store's charity? You can give 25% more! Write a check, and take the tax deduction. If you drop a $20 in the red bucket 10 times over this holiday season, that's $200. If you and your spouse earn over $74,000, you pay taxes at the 25%+ tax rate. Writing a check for $200 and taking the deduction on your tax return saves you $50 which you can add onto your next check to charity.

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Historic Market Highs, Interest Rate Hike, And The 'Trump Rally’

KCUR ‘Smart Money’ Radio Broadcast featuring Alex Petrovic

As the Dow Jones Industrial Average edges closer to 20,000 points, the Smart Money Experts share advice on how to respond to record highs in all three major stock indices. They also discuss last week's rise in the interest rate by the Federal Reserve Bank, the growth markets have seen since Donald Trump's election, and just how long the current bull market may last.

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SAVE MONEY: How to keep holiday spending on a budget

KCUR Television Broadcast featuring Sandi Weaver

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Don’t Get Taken Twice on the Second Marriage

 In recent months, I’ve heard “She’s just with him for his money. She doesn’t even work! Selling on Ebay isn’t a real job.” I’ve heard “He’s in there for a free ride.” We’ve all known people who sign up for a second marriage. We’ve likely all known people where others wonder if the future mate truly loves our friend.

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Social Safety Networks - Steps to Avoid Email Hacking

KCUR ‘Smart Money’ Radio Broadcast featuring Sandi Weaver

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Do You Have Children Who’ve Tied the Knot?

Summer is the season for weddings, tears of joy, gorgeous bridesmaids’ dresses, Bob Marley tunes in Jamaica, champagne toasts, and dancing the wedding night away. If you have children who’ve recently married in the last year or two, take advantage of our “next generation” (free) consultation.

Brexit - Impact on Personal Finance

KCUR ‘Up to Date’s Smart Money’ Radio Broadcast featuring Sandi Weaver

The financial ripples from Britain's decision to leave the European Union were felt on this side of the pond, leaving plenty of Americans wondering how the departure affects their monetary plans. While many details surrounding the split remain up in the air, Up To Date's Smart Money Experts have sage advice to keep skittish savers grounded.

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Financial Planning for your Wedding and Marriage

KCUR ‘Up to Date’s Smart Money’ Radio Broadcast featuring Alex Petrovic

If you've planned a wedding lately, you know it's neither easy nor cheap, with the average wedding in the U.S. costing more than $30,000. On this edition of Up To Date, the Smart Money Experts discuss some common financial pitfalls to avoid before and after your nuptials.

Is College Still Worth the Cost? Be smart about Planning for College

KCUR ‘Up to Date’s - Smart Money’ Radio Broadcast featuring Sandi Weaver

It's widely acknowledged that college graduates earn more than non-graduates, but given the ever-increasing cost of higher education, is it still worth the investment? Up To Date's Smart Money Experts weigh in. Also, an update on recent financial headlines.

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