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What You Need to Know About Kansas’s 2017 Income Tax Increase

The grand experiment, a la the Laffer curve, ended in June for Kansas. The legislature overrode Governor Brownback’s veto, and is raising income taxes. Get ready to pay more.

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3rd Quarter 2017 Newsletter

Catch up on the markets, economy and taxes. Also, learn what's happening Inside & Outside of PWFS.

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Market Recap – Jim Stoutenborough, CFP®

Let’s do the numbers!

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Are You Making Money? Here’s A Year-to-Date Investment Recap

History repeats itself. It is different this time. Ditto for your investment asset classes! We are pleased with the portfolios’ performances – your return – this year. Below is a recap of where we have your money invested, what’s doing well and what’s not.

Our Economic & Market Outlook is “Cautiously Optimistic” – Alex Petrovic III, CFP®


Wow, half of 2017 is already behind us and, so far, it has been a good 6 months for the U.S. and global economy. Although there are always risks, at this point in time, we do not see a U.S. recession around the corner over the next 6 – 12 months. Barring some shock, the U.S. economy for now doesn’t look at risk of imminent recession, though we continue to believe we are in the later stages of our economic growth cycle. Let’s hit the economic highlights shall we!

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Smart Money Experts Bust Popular Financial Myths, Market Effects Of Trump's Tweets

Is gold always a safe investment? Is getting a big tax return necessarily a good thing? Can money really buy happiness? Today, our Smart Money Experts answer those questions and more as they separate financial facts from fiction. They also discuss how President Donald Trump's tweets impact the stock prices of the companies, like Nordstrom and Ford, that catch his ire.

Can you be a socially responsible investor?

From the 913 Edition of The Kansas City Star written by Sandi Weaver

Many of us are card-carrying Sierra Club members and concerned about climate change. But when it comes to our money, few of us invest our values, although we'd like to.

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The Markets and Your Money – Sandi Weaver, CPA, CFP®, CFA®

We’ve had quite a run lately, but perhaps this bullet train is slowing some. The stock market’s S&P 500 companies pulled in a 6% return this quarter, on the heels of 3% returns in both the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2016. Compare these to the prior 2% and 1% quarterly returns early in 2016, and you can see growth is back.

Petrovic Weaver Hosted: ‘Technology to Help You Age in Style’

Petrovic Weaver Financial Services was proud to host two well-attended evenings of:

‘Technology to Help You Age in Style’

Smart Money Experts On Financial Wellness Gender Gap

Several factors influence a person's financial health: age, career choice, dependents ... but gender? According to a 2016 report by Financial Finesse, a firm that manages financial wellness programs for employers, women are not as financially secure in the long-term when compared to their male counterparts, especially among millennials.

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